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My name is Brett. I am the co-founder of Home Offer KC. My business partner, Jared and I founded the company based on a very simple, yet very direct mission in mind. To give home owner’s options when it comes to selling their home while providing an honest, ethical, and compassionate level of service. Our number one core value is integrity – we will always do the right thing now matter the outcome. Period.

Get To Know Us


Brett lives in Olathe, KS with his wife and 4 children. Before deciding to pursue his passion for real estate and helping others, he held Sr. Management level positions with large companies in the Supply Chain industry. Brett graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Transportation and Logistics, and Business Management. Additionally, Brett also holds a Lean Six Sigma Certificate as well as Kansas/Missouri Real Estate Licenses.

“I am truly thankful for the opportunities I have had in the past as well as the opportunity to follow my passion for real estate and helping others. What I enjoy the most about real estate is problem-solving and coming up with win-win solutions to help individuals and families that need to sell their homes.

I have helped families who have inherited properties that they didn’t need, want, or have the time to clean out and update to be able to sell on the retail market. I have helped families get cash for burdensome rental properties that their tenants destroyed and they don’t have the funds to repair. I have also helped families get cash for their homes helping them to avoid foreclosure. And the list goes on and on… There any many different situations out there where we can help. If you need to sell your house or are considering selling your house, please give me a call and we can talk about the best solution for you.”


Jared has been in the real estate industry for over 13 years. He has 4 years experience as a loan officer, 2 years experience as an asset manager, and over 7 years as a real estate agent. Jared also holds a Bachelors Degree from KU. Jared has an amazing wife, Wendy, and they live together in Overland Park, KS. Jared is very knowledgeable about real estate, financing, the real estate market. This knowledge is valuable in helping our customers get the best value for their property given, current market conditions, property condition, etc. His passion for real estate and helping others is evident in the level of service, and solutions he develops to help our customers.

“I absolutely eat, live, and breathe real estate. I am very passionate about providing a superior level of service and doing the right thing to help my customers. I have helped hundreds of home owners successfully sell their homes. I hope you give us the opportunity to show you what we can do for you.”

Why We Are Different

We are different. It’s that simple. We are honest. We approach each situation with the mindset of how can we best help this person with their current situation. We are not pushy. We WILL NOT pressure you into making a quick decision so we can lock you into a contract (like other investors do). We will walk your property, look at comparable sales in your neighborhood, determine what needs to be repaired, and come up with a value. If the property fits our personal buying criteria we will extend you a cash offer immediately. If it doesn’t, we will present the opportunity to our hundreds of cash buyers and get your a cash offer. If the cash offer we bring you isn’t agreeable to you we can do one of 2 things. We can list your house on the MLS for a specific time period and see what the market will bring you. Or, we can thank you for your time and end the conversation. It’s that simple.

Our Core Values

Integrity – Do The Right Thing No Matter The Outcome
Deliver Exceptional Customer Service
Keep Growing and Learning Every Day
Be Respectful
Be Compassionate
Commit To Providing Win-Win Solutions
Have Meticulous Attention To Detail
Live and Operate With Passion

Want To Know More?

If you have any questions about our process, our offers, listing your home or information about the local market, get in touch now! We are happy to answer any questions you have, and there are never any fees or obligations.

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